Available Research

As the lead industry analyst, massolution tracks both the supply and demand side of both crowdsourcing and crowdfunding markets with a focus on B2B applications and models, and country-based strategies for social and economic impact.

Massolution's unique data assets, fact-based research and proprietary intellectual property, drive forward-looking and actionable insights that inform the strategies and operations of business leaders and market stakeholders.

  • In the field of crowdsourcing, massolution provides research and analysis covering the design, development and implementation of enterprise and national crowdsourcing strategies. Within this, areas of focus and supporting IP/research include: market adoption, the market landscape of Crowdsourcing Service Providers  (CSPs), applications and use cases, model options and design together with analysis and assessment tools.

  • In the field of  crowdfunding, massolution provides annual reports on the size, composition and trends within crowdfunding globally and deep dive reports on specific segments like country-based crowdfunding strategies, crowdfunding technology, software and services and domain specific studies like Crowdfunding for Real Estate. Supporting IP/research include: market research and analysis covering Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs), campaigns and offerings, model implementations,  transaction data and analysis.