• 2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report

This report sets a new standard for comprehensive, reality-based assessment of the crowdfunding industry, based on data gathered from 308 funding platforms worldwide and analysis from massolution's industry-leading brain trust. Like the widely-cited 2012 report, it digs deep and does the math to show who is crowdfunding what, where, how, and when-- and what will happen next. But unlike its predecessor, this report also includes three original research chapters by top academics in the field: an analysis of crowdfunding dynamics and how it can be applied to generate viral “third-level acceleration” from the differing motivations of strong-tie vs weak-tie friends; a detailed, 15-country overview of the legal frameworks that surround crowdfunding worldwide, including relevant laws, government agencies, and possible reforms; and an analysis of direct crowdfunding, which questions the very need for platforms for non-investment funding models.

In addition to providing a practical, quantitative understanding of crowdfunding today and a high level synthesis of how its recent innovations will play out in the future, this report also includes surprising insights that can only come out of detailed research. For example, you'll learn which crowdfunding model (donation, reward, lending, equity, or royalty) has had a much better record of reaching its funding goals than all the others, how social vs. environmental raises differ widely, and how the financing of crowdfunding platform startups does not reflect the crowdfunding models they support.

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2013CF Crowdfunding Industry Report

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